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How You can Benefit of CSR as Managementsystem

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is perceived as companies taking responsibility in their core business for their actions and impact on society. CSR leads to a win-win situation for both the customer and the supplier.


Especially today, when megatrends, like globalisation, loss of trust, individualisation, digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Work 4.0, climate change, have an affect on the consumer's buying behaviour, CSR offers the possibility, whilst taking sustainability and responsibility into account, to lay down all business processes along the entire value chain and in all four fields of action in an effective and structured way, and respond longterm to these megatrends.


CSR lays down four fields of action in the implementation of your company strategy, by which it is possible to combine mandatory elements of the strategy with the voluntary, thus building an overall, holistic strategy.


Below you will find some examples.


Field of action "Workplace"


  • CSR: Health management
  • Benefit: Employee loyalty / retention


Field of action "Market" (Economy)


  • CSR: Transparent supply chain
  • Benefit: Customer loyalty / retention


Customer loyalty taking consumer behaviour and loss of trust

(Field of action "Market")

Trust gives the "licence to operate". A company cannot exist on a long term in the market without trust. CSR allows stakeholders and especially consumers to have trust in the company on a long term.


Field of action "Environment" (Ecology)


  • CSR: Energy optimisation
  • Benefit: Safe in environmental matters


Customer loyalty taking consumer behaviour and individualisation

(Field of action "Environment")

The end customer makes his own image about the company based on his values, analyses this and thus creates a personal relationship. In the long term, CSR ensures that both stakeholders and consumers identify with the company.


Field of action "Community" (Social)


  • CSR: Social projects in area of core business
  • Benefit: Positive recognition / good reputation in market


"Für Mehrwert durch Nachhaltigkeit und Corporate Social Responsibility"

"For Added Value through Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty"