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CSR-Field of Action "Workplace"

Companies provide and Employees feel Security when supported by a relocation specialist


Employees are the most important resources of a company. By working in a different country, employees deepen their knowledge of the country, culture and people, and gain an understanding of operations outside the "home" company. Diversity and internationality strengthen the company. It is all the more important that the foreign postings be well planned so that these employees can start working without complications in the host country.



CSR and its elements are often perceived and lived differently, not only in companies, but also by us, which can be felt in the coexistence of people of different backgrounds, mentality and culture. Occasionally this can lead to difficulties. For example, many of us love foreign food, but if it is e.g. cooked daily in the immediate neighbourhood, you may feel bothered by the unfamiliar aroma. Values can be viewed differently - e.g., the time factor. Punctuality does not always have the same status as in Germany. How do you react fairly to all participants, if fairness is a value, too?


Solution: CSR + Relocation

Companies can provide secureness at the beginning of a foreign posting by employing a relocation specialist. Even during a posting, companies can, with the help of relocation specialists, organise joint workshops, courses, or activities for both their home and foreign employees, in which they learn to understand each other better and lay the foundations for good integration.


Benefits that a company can "count" on,

especially with a CSR-Strategy

  • The working capacity of a company remains secure: there is no need to search for a replacement on short notice
  • Dead-lines are met: tasks are completed on time, there are no unnecessary delays
  • The employee remains loyal to the company: the company can rely long-term on its staff
  • The company becomes even more attractive as an employer: the application process gets shorter
  • The company works actively on the integration of employees: the employee is motivated and willing to perform



"Für Mehrwert durch Nachhaltigkeit und Corporate Social Responsibility"

"For Added Value through Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty"