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What does CSR mean?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is applied in the core business, along the entire value chain, and is embedded in the strategy of the company from the beginning. This has the effect, that the impact of company decisions and actions can be determined and accounted for for each business step within the fields of activity of work place, market, environment and community. This allows the company to understand itself and other market participants, as to how far they are acting in a responsible corporate manner and in order to be able to carry out necessary corrective measures regarding strategy or action. All findings can be (if necessary, must be) summarized in a CSR-Report.


Must a CSR- or Sustainability Report be issued? How can goals and objectives be formulated? Who must and who should be taken into account as decision-makers? Can responsible management be measured? What does it cost and what is gained? How can standards be applied or processes created?


Corporate Social Responsibility leads to a win-win-Situation for the customer as well as the suppliers in all four fields of action. After all, we all work together to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs).



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"Für Mehrwert durch Nachhaltigkeit und Corporate Social Responsibility"

"For Added Value through Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty"