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CSR-Field of Action "Workplace"

Family support helps to secure the working capacity of companies


Employees are the most important resources of a company. Even in busy times, companies can rely on their employees. Factors such as further education measures, advanced training, other employee support or the working atmosphere can play a role here.


But what if an employee does not manage to work as reliably as he would like due to personal circumstances? For example, he must care for one of his suddenly injured parents and is increasingly unable to fulfill his duties at home, since an important project is also in progress in the company that he does not want to neglect or distribute his work to colleagues. But if the employee should continue to work reliably, he needs relief at home. Otherwise, he may soon be in a state of exhaustion.

Solution: CSR + Family support

With family support a company can offer relief to the employee. Care-givers take care of tasks within the scope of child care, senior care and domestic help services, that would otherwise remain undone.


Benefits that a company can "count" on,

especially with a CSR-Strategy

  • The working capacity of a company remains secure: there is no need to search for a replacement on short notice
  • Overtime is avoided: own work load does not have to be shared with others
  • Dead-lines are met: tasks are completed on time, there are no unnecessary delays
  • The employee remains loyal to the company: the company can rely long-term on its staff
  • The company becomes even more attractive as an employer: the application process gets shorter

"Für Mehrwert durch Nachhaltigkeit und Corporate Social Responsibility"

"For Added Value through Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty"