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I'll support you with your CSR-Management

CSR is interwoven in your corporate strategy. In the implementation of the corporate strategy, CSR weaves the mandatory elements of the strategy with the voluntary elements into an overall, holistic strategy.

However, the business managers, controllers or accountants of smaller companies often do not have the additional capacity to do CSR work.

„CSR is a deeply strategic matter [...] This also means that the controller is already playing a key role in strategy development, and it also means that impetus should come from controlling in advance.“

(translated from Interview of Alfred Biel with Prof. Dr. James Bruton -tax advisor, author, lecturer- in Controller Magazin Nov./Dez. 2017)

A CSR strategy tailored to the company as described in the flyer, with the use of a materiality matrix and a stakeholder analysis, is usually set up in-house. In this way, I would like to actively support companies with my CSR office.

"Für Mehrwert durch Nachhaltigkeit und Corporate Social Responsibility"

"For Added Value through Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty"